[VHFcontesting] Weak Signal FM, open squelch, and VHF Contesting (was FT-991 for FM contesting)

Alan Larson wa6azp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 15:50:06 EST 2020

On using open squelch for FM contesting.  I have found that there is a
point where the squelch is "just closed" where a weak signal will still
open it.  In fact, frequently the signals that open at that setting are
still not really useful.  As a result, I want the squelch set so it is
quiet if there is no signal, and opens if there is one.  Every other radio
I have with FM capability can do this.  The 991 even does this, sort of.
The problem is that the 991 has some internal noise that open the squelch
in annoying bursts.

I definitely want quiet until there is a signal there, as I may be
listening to another radio at that time.


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