[VHFcontesting] VE3OIL/r June 2020

russell beech rbeech2002 at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 9 14:27:28 EDT 2020

Announcing VE3OIL/r plan for June 2020.
I am taking the bottom ten bands with me:
50, 144, 222, 432, 903, 1296, 2304, 3456, 5760 and 10G.
I have FM capability on all bands and will monitor 146 580.
I will attempt to post arrival on ON4KST at each site.
I will run weak signal at the start of each fixed stopand follow the propagation where it leads after that.
I accept (and keep) skeds and call CQ on 144 237as often as possible E-mail ve3oil at yahoo.ca and I will return a list of suggestions.
Will call CQ as often as practical.  WIll use the propagationreports as guidance but all of us need to call CQ from timeto time.
Text on 289 775 9203
Full plan below
All times GMT
FN13ax   1930 to 2100FN14cb   2140 to 2330
FN04xa   0000 to 0200FN02ax   1330 to 1420EN93oc   1700 to 1800EN92fn   1900 to 2030EN82ud   2150 to 2350
EN82nx   0100 to 0300

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