[VHFcontesting] Operating both from home and as a rover

Gregory Winters greg_winters at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 10 16:50:35 EDT 2020

I have almost the same question as well. Let me know what they come up with, or if they don't.

In lieu of an answer I was going to sign /R the whole time, since thats how I interpreted the rule. I wouldn't use my permanent antennas, because I don't mount them here anyway.

My understanding is that signing rover or not, and working them from the same grid, that wpuld be a dupe.

So them I'd only be working one callsign per contest and not confuse people here. Maybe to make it even more rover-ish I would just operate mobile and portable up the street. I have no permanent anyennas mounted anyways.

It almost appears from that rule that one could run multiop rover on a team, then go home and do a single op category as well. I thought I read the intent was one callsign entry per contest, but now can't find where I read that.

But where it was even more unclear to me... say I run multiop rover (Unlimited Rover). One guy has his home station in a different grid than mine. Can we both go to our homes and then combine those scores into the multiop rover one? Is he supposed to use the /rover callsign (mine?). Is he allowed to use his and combine into the rover one in the final score dump?

I had thought perhaps that is possible, but with one signal per band I'd have to say to him 'you run 6 and 222' and I'll do the others, so we don't violate it.

Unless I hear back on your original question I'll just run with my callsign, run /rover from home (or just up the street), and let my other ops just go to bed. If weather and COVID hadn't been a factor I wouldn't have done rover at all!

I may end up SOFM if I can't get something better going.

73 de Greg, K3RW
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Does anybody know whether the ARRL allows people to work someone for VHF contest credit from both their home station and as a rover in the same grid?  Or do they count this as a dupe?

Rule 3.5.6 allows me to operate both from home and as a rover, but is unclear as to whether someone who makes two QSOs with me while I am in my home grid (one with VE3SMA and one with VE3SMA/R) will get credit for both.

I have sent the question to the ARRL too....no clear answer yet.

Steve VE3SMA
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