[VHFcontesting] This rover stuff is hard....

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The way I used to handle logging while in motion was with a voice recorder.
Set it up so you can hear both ends of the QSO, and then review the "tape" when you stop and enter it in the log.  It helps if you state the time at the end of the QSO :-)
It's a PITA to catch up the log, but it keeps a solo Rover safe.
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I trust you survived your journey and had fun.
I am concerned about your mention of hand logging, which I gather was being done while driving. If so, please reconsider that. I've done a number of mobile trips around Florida in the Florida QSO Party, driving while operating, almost all on CW , with a memory keyer to do the hard work. With reasonable road and traffic conditions I do not see that as an unreasonable safety issue. However taking the eyes off the road and a hand off the wheel, while tending to turn one's upper body toward the log, is not a good idea.

While I do 2/3 of the time in FQP operating while parked, while driving I record the contest to transcribe later. This may include sending notes to myself over the air, such as "15M" after changing bands. 

I strongly recommend anybody trying to operate while driving to not try to keep a log at the same time. Record it.

73  -   Jim   K8MR

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20ft box Uhaul with a loaded car trailer out back at 70mph from middle ohio to KS.  Glad I was using an FT-60 HT on FM so very few answered.  If driving and calling CQ (endlessly calling CQ) isnt hard enough, hand logging adds another level of complexity.

I stand in awe of those who do this well with multiple bands.  Thrilled to have activated 3 grids and one multi at a grid border.  More QSO's tonight after local nets.


Good luck to all

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