[VHFcontesting] Fwd: VHF Contests Rules Discussion and Proposal

Stu stu at stu2labs.com
Wed Mar 18 08:21:24 EDT 2020

I have a slightly different take. FT8 has been a boon to our contest
group. (W4IY) Our guys are getting older and some have difficulty with
weak signal work. It's always interesting to see ocean grids in the log
after the contest. 

We have a good mix of skills. Most of our group doesn't know CW. Several
guys are computer experts. So thanks to FT8, everybody can get on the
air and experience working VHF/UHF from a mountain top with a world
class station. In September, every person in the group made at least one
contact. That's never happened before in 40+ years of occupying Flagpole
Knob in FM08.

Personally, I wish more people used CW! That's my favorite mode. Either
way, I'm looking forward to more innovation. For example, maybe WSJT
will expand to use SDRs for working stations anywhere in the band. That
way, we're not contending with other close in stations on one or two

Figuring out how to maximize your Q rate is one of the interesting
aspects of contesting. That may mean new tech or different operating
strategies. Do I hate the fact nobody's on 6 SSB during an opening, yes!
But, I keep checking, calling CQ, etc. Anything to scare up a new
station. We even pop up to FM every so often. It's all part of the fun.

I guess I'll bring this up with our group and see what they say.  The
discussion is certainly worthwhile and needs to be kicked around so
there aren't any unintended consequences. We will still have a blast,
with or without a rule change!


Stu2, W7IY

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