[VHFcontesting] 222 & Up K1DS/R

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 15:44:49 EDT 2021

Weather permitting, I expect to be on Camelback FN21hb from about 3PM-6PM on Saturday and from the Juliet balcony here in FN20id on Sunday from about 9AM-12 noon on Sunday.  Bands 222.115  (30w), 432.115 (50w), 1296.115 (10w) with small homebrew WA5VJB Yagis and modest power. I can be reached by cellphone 215-284-5517.  I will also try calling CQ on the calling freqs, XXX.100
I may have 144.260 for calling freq. I also have capability for the digital modes on all three bands as I just added an inverter to run the computer. I know there has been some debate on the proper digital frequencies, but I have been successful on 222.174, 432.174 and 1296.174. If others have preferences, please coordinate the freqs. TNX es CU on the air. Rick K1DS/R

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