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Also - DX Engineering has 6 foot 0.12 inch wall 6061-T8 
aluminum tubing up to 3 inch OD. You can slit one end 
of these and hose clamp together for a rigid push-up mast. 
I bought a 1.25 inch piece somewhere else to make a 
8 section 34 foot mast with 2 feet overlap each section. 
With rope guys at top, it supports small beams with rotor. 
With 3 ft 1 in overlap it's self supporting at 25.5 feet. 
73 Ron WZ1V

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> I am very lucky to have a 40' and a 55' pneumatic mast on my 1994 Dodge van
> for roving. Using compressed air or a nitrogen tank to raise the antenna
> stack is VERY nice, fast and effort less! However, if I didn't have these, I
> would build a telescopic mast using this stuff.
> https://www.mcmaster.com/square-tubing/steel-bolt-together-framing-and-fitti
> ngs/
> I can't remember where I saw it or who had it but a rover in the Midwest I
> believe had a mast made of this stuff and it was one of the best I've ever
> seen. He had a crank system to raise and lower it. It's not cheap but it was
> robust and it worked very well.
> Terry - W8ZN (K8GP/R)
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> I
> don't think the following would represent the best solution, but I too have
> been thinking about this and thought that I would try to use some of the 1m
> fiberglass military poles.  My thought was to used adjustable clamps above
> and below each joint., with a total of 5 pieces that you be a length of 16'-
> 9".  Which would perhaps give enough height to clear vicinity obstacles,
> like vehicles, RV, tents, etc
> Been working on a 3L 6m antenna and probably just the one antenna to start
> with.  I believe that this mast would support a HO Loop for 2m and/or 70cm
> as well.  Perhaps a small rotor could be installed at the 2nd joint.   I
> think the "Armstrong" rotor with be my initial method.
> My biggest concern is managing a scope out pole, as I am now 73 I don't
> think that I will be getting any stronger in the coming years.  hi hi.  
> I definitely would be interested in what others have to suggest.
> Jim/KC4HW - EM71 Alabama
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> Recently purchased a mast support for Truck receiver hitch.   "Portable"
> five element beam is in possession.   What type of portable masts are being
> used that can be easily carried inside pickup bed or short SUV?????
> 73 W5AJ
> The mast support:  https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZGBRT61    I'm not
> recommending it or otherwise, hopefully it works for Rover use - parked. 
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