[VHFcontesting] Tuesday Activity Night Reminder

alex at kr1st.com alex at kr1st.com
Tue Aug 17 20:53:58 EDT 2021

I worked K1PXE and WB2SIH on SSB. Many thanks! Unfortunately, I have 
this problem that I can hear folks better than they can hear me. I did 
hear K1DS, WZ1V, K3GNC, and one other station on SSB. I tried CW to get 
someone's attention to no avail. My CQ's went unanswered as well, even 
on FT8. I guess my signal is just too weak and either have to get a kW 
for this band also, or go on the HTML 1.0 KST chat page to scare up Q's, 
which I was hoping not to be needed on a activity night. I'll try again 
next week.

--Alex KR1ST


On 2021-08-17 10:05, David Olean wrote:
> It is Tuesday and you know what that means!  Besides fighting off the
> Murder Hornets, it is also the day set aside for making real contacts
> on the 222 MHz band.

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