[VHFcontesting] Kenwood TS2000 ACC2 power out

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Hi John,

I have used my TS2000X (which I purchased in 2013) on 6M FT8 and MSK for
several years now with no issues on TX power ramp up. Mine works like a
champ. I also use the TS2000X for HF RTTY contesting with a much higher than
50% duty cycle and at 100W when calling CQ with no issues at all.

Best of luck & 73

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Kenwood TS2000 ACC2 power out

I wonder if anyone has come across this issue when using the Kenwood TS2000
on 6m FT8 or VHF meteor scatter.

I recently purchased a used Kenwood TS2000, made in January 2012.  I am
looking at getting it on FT8 and other digital modes, but have found a few
old postings on the internet stating that when using the ACC2 jack for audio
in on the digital modes, it takes 3 to 4 seconds to reach full power on
transmit.  I have had a TS2000 in the past and used it with a Signalink USB
interface and can't remember if this was a problem with it or not.

Is that a common problem for all TS2000s?  Did they fix it at some point and
does anyone know the serial number range or firmware version where this
issue was fixed?

73 John AF5CC
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