[VHFcontesting] It's 222 Night again.

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Jul 6 09:13:57 EDT 2021

Hi VHF hams

This is a reminder that it is Tuesday and a good evening to dust off 
your 222 MHz gear and try it out.  You can check out that new preamp 
that you just installed.  If you have an old Heath 222er that you just 
restored, tonight might be the night when you will hear someone with 
it!!!   There will be stations on the band to give you a report!  Being 
in the Northeast USA, there is more activity than in some other areas, 
but that is no reason to not get on and make noise if you live somewhere 
else. I know that there is activity in the Southeast, and a bit in the 
midwest.  My goal is to get the whole country participating. I cannot do 
it on my own, so fire up those 222 rigs no matter where you live and 
tell your 222 friends that Tuesday is 222 Activity night.

I hope to be QRV stating at about 2300 UT or 7 PM.  I have to do a 
little tower work beforehand as my 222 yagis got twisted off alignment 
by about 70-90 degrees in the same microburst that took down my 144 MHz 
130 ft Rohn 45 tower.  I think I need some bigger hardware! I spent 
yesterday dropping large trees all near the 222 tower. I do not want to 
lose another tower in the same way.

I hope you can make it

Dave K1WHS

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