[VHFcontesting] 222 MHz night

Ron Klimas WZ1V wz1v at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 21 10:30:50 EDT 2021

TNX to all who got on for 222 activity night. 
It was a banner night with 18 in the log in 1.5 hours: 
W1XR FM19, N3NGE FN20, WA2VNV FN30, K3JJZ FN20, 
WA2ONK FN20,  KA3FQS FN20, N1BUG FN55, AF1R FN42, 
K1WHS FN43, N1GJ FN41, K1PXE FN31, WA3EOQ FM09, 
NZ3M FN10, K1DS FN20, N1SV FN42, VE3DS FN03, 
WA1T FN43, and KO4YC FM17. Best DX VE3DS 395 miles. 
Dana and I first tried CW and heard lightning scatter bursts, 
but wound up completing the contact on FT8. 
73 Ron WZ1V

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> First time I have traveled to the N3NGE station to work the 222 activity night and it sure was well worth it   So good to work so many familiar call signs 

Worked 16 stations in 11 grids all on either SSB or CW.  Best DX to the south was KO4YC in FM17.   Best DX to the NW was VE3DS in FN03.   BUT the best DX of all was working N1BUG on SSB in FN55 at almost 500 miles    That was awesome   Paul I am glad that you broke into the QSO i was having with Dave K1WHS.     I am sure he didn't mind 

Kudos to Dave K1WHS for getting the activity night started again    I hope to get back to N3NGE again in the near future. Thanks to all the stations that got on and thanks to Len for letting me operate at his station  

Bill K3EGE for N3NGE     
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> On Jul 20, 2021, at 10:20 PM, N1BUG <paul at n1bug.com> wrote:
> ?Wow, I finally managed to be on for one of these! Evenings are still really tough for me but I got a nap in the afternoon and was quasi-functional at 7 PM! I made 12 QSOs total. 10 stations were worked on SSB/CW. Later two of them were worked again on FT8 for a total of 12 QSOs. I didn't expect to get more than half that many from way up here.
> Every QSO was much appreciated! But the biggest thrill was easily working N3NGE on SSB. According to the software I'm using, that is 497 miles. Any time I can get a 500 mile QSO on SSB it's pretty darn good. For some reason I always seem to do better on 222 than I do on 144 or 432.
> I wasn't sure if I could still send anything more than my call sign, grid and maybe an RST report on CW. It has been a while since I was really on the air with that mode. But I had a short CW chat with WA1T and Al's responses seemed to indicate he understood me, HI HI!
> I would like to say a special thanks to Dave, K1WHS for not getting too annoyed with me when I broke in on two of his QSOs to work the other station. I don't usually feel comfortable doing that but excitement got the better of me, especially when I was hearing N3NGE so well. Thanks, Dave! That really made my evening.
> 73,
> Paul N1BUG
> FN55mf
> 900 watts, K1FO-22 at 117' and mast mounted preamp
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