Hidden Buffers in Rttyrite/WriteLog Program..

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 02:27:28 -0500

  Since NAQP is just around the corner I thought I better say some thing
  about the hidden buffers in Rttyrite's call window..  If your were not 
  aware of these hidden buffers, here is where they are..

  I had a call today asking how to change the info in the hidden buffers..

  In the entry window where the call go when you click on them in a contest
  is where these hidden buffers are..  Example: If you have NAQP contest 
  running in the entry window where is says 3500 KHz FSK you will see
  Call, Name, QTH, Country and the letter "C"..  If you click on any one of
  these, there can be a msg when you click each one of these no matter what
  contest you have selected. If you have downloaded any or all of the 
  (.CNT files) that are listed on our web page, I assure there is a msg listed
  on your copy. If you click Call it will send: CQ CQ BARTG TEST DE K5DJ K5DJ..
  the reason it says CQ BARTG test is because the last time I used it was 
  during the BARTG Contest.. (It's there as an example only..)  To edit any or 
  all of these hidden buffers press SHIFT then click any of these buffers.
It     will appear and you can edit it to say CQ CQ NAQP or what ever you
want and 
  replace my call with yours.. 

  I can just guess how many call I would have had if any of you didn't know 
  about these hidden buffers and clicked "Call" by accident and it started
  sending CQ BARTG test during the NAQP test. :-(  

  If all else fails read Chapter-2 in the manual.. It is explained pretty well
  in Chapter-2...

    Good luck to everyone in the RTTY NAQP test...

   73's de Ron K5DJ