8.01 Feature

Wayne E. Wright w5xd@delphi.com
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 02:57:58 -0100

OK Jay,
I only VAGUELY remember anything about mult bells, but since you asked for it...

>>The "Mult Bell", which should in networked M/S or M/M situations ring
>>the bells on each and every computer in the network for a new mult or
>>for a double mult a small siren as I remember the late night
>>discussion (and it wasn't over Scotch, as it probably should have
>>been). Realizing that Wayne has been busy with other "possibly" more
>>important issues and features I have held off on my request that he
>>remember his promises.

...the ball is now in YOUR court.

The "final" 8.01 version will play the sound of YOUR choice on logging
a mult and a DIFFERENT sound on logging a double mult...

You find a WAV file, it will play them...

find your sounds....  one mult bell player, coming right up.

Wayne, W5XD