New update to Rtyrite/WriteLog

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 10:19:58 -0500

WriteLog 8.01 is now available!

  Downloads are available at:

New features in 8.01 

     WAE RTTY support 
     KAM support 
     DxPedition mode 
     DSP-4100 support 
     Add diddle support in Rttyrite 
     Changed ReadCty to ignore everything in the WL_CTY.DAT file that has
     a slash. 
     Support for RTTY low tones in P-38, KAM, WinRtty 
     Support most recent P-38 download 
     Support COM1 through 8 for Rttyrite 
     CTRL-Left-click in Rttyrite ignores the color highlighting and uses the
     characters directly under and to the right of the click position.
(Shift        click still inverts FIGS/LTRS) 
     Add support for Icom-706 rig 
     Improve calculate of previous grid square for VHF contests 
     Add Field property to entry window automation interface 
     General DXCC logger has 6 meters 
     Support for mult bell 
     NL section for ARRL Sweepstakes and for ARRL 160m 
     Support for COM1 through COM8 for rig interfacing 
     Support dupe checking on up to 60 bands (was 20) 
     EnterQso method on entry window automation interface no longer checks
     fields for quality. 
     Add VK2SG points support to Anarts 
     Fix Anarts QSO totals in summary sheet 

   73's, de Ron K5DJ