WriteLog SCS PTC-II Beta testers

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 12:41:59 -0500

  Everyone that is planning on using the PTC-II TNC this weekend
  in SARTG test please let me know if you find anything that need
  looking after asap after the test. The new owner of the TNC we
  have is in need of his new TNC asap.. I'm pretty sure support is
  ready to go but a good contest will tell the tale. :-)

  A bit of WriteLog/Rttyrite News: In the '98 RTTY NAQP Contest,
  Six out of the top Ten S/Op stations were using WriteLog with
  Rttyrite. :-) We don't advertise to have the biggest RTTY S/W
  sales or hold the most records. But we ARE gaining ground. 
  Thanks to all of you that use WriteLog/Rttyrite/WinRTTY we 
  appreciate your business, comments, recommendations, very much.

   See ya in the SARTG pile this weekend,
       73, de Ron K5DJ