WL SCC Test on RTTY?

Dick, N1RCT n1rct@megalink.net
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:59:38

         Who has figured out how best to do the SCC RTTY test this weekend
with Writelog?  I am thinking of using the SARTG as the license year will
be accepted as a serial number. It scores 5,10,15 points for the QSO's
which can be changed later to 1,2,3   ... It does not do call areas or
provinces for ZS, PY, LU, ASIA UA but they are relatively few stations
there (but big ones!)  ... I will output as ARRL text log, sort by QSO
points with my Boxer text editor and change them all to 1,2,3; then sort by
callsigns and have a look for the ZS, PY, LU, UA/9 UA/0) extra mults; then
sort by band, sort by year inside each band to identify the number of
different years, etc, etc ..sounds like great fun!

    Will be trying the stereo WINRTTY 2-rig with no external scopes as an
experiment .. also tuned all my contest antennas to SWR <1.2 on the RTTY
bands and removed the big antenna tuners. All-in-all, $2450 of black boxes
was unplugged ... should be interesting ..  73 de Dick 

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