Junichi Yoshida
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 00:40:25 +0900

I modified namedmul.ini file and restarted WiteLog.  Soon WriteLog
identified Hawaii as a multiplier and I could see them in the multiplier
window.  Now it works well.
Thank you for your help. I also appreciate to KH6GMP, AP2TJ and K6XT who
gave me a suggestion.  See you in the contest.

73 de JK1ATT, Jun

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Date : 1998?12?13? 7:18
Subject : RE: Multi

>This is a bug, but you can fix it yourself.
>In your \ham\programs folder you will find the file named:
> namedmul.ini
>Open it with notepad (or double click it under the explorer).
>The very first section in the file is
>Add the lines for HI and AK and it will score your log correctly.
>You can add them at the top like I show above, or you can
>add them in order with the sixth and seventh call areas if
>you like.
>You will need to exit WL and restart it for it to rescore
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>> Hi,
>> I'm participating ARRL 10m contest.  I have contacted with
>> KH7R but a multi
>> 'HI' does not count for new one, just '?' is appeared as
>> unkonwn.  I suppose
>> it's a W/VE multi. Any suggestions?
>> 73 de JK1ATT  Jun