New Update 9.20

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 23:06:34 -0600

  New 9.20 address is:

 First you will notice Oprions has been replaced with Setup. Here is where
 you will setup your screen the way you want it. It will be much easier 
 especially for new WriteLog users..

 If you edit the callsign of a QSO in the log, the country gets recalculated
 Will not accept logging a callsign without a digit.
 When changing modes, change the default RST without requiring the Entry
 Window to be cleared first.
 Menu's completely rearranged.
 WK1 export enhanced to support easy construction of pivot tables in
 Microsoft Excel.
 Added support for managing time on/off.
 Added TIME-OFF to ARRL file output for SS, ARRL 10M, RTTY Roundup.
 RTTY lockout last-one-wins works with CW, too. Especially good for single-op
 Flash the border of the net gab display when messages are added.
 Fix on/off time display calculation when QSOs are logged out of time order.
 Fix W9XT card support for voice and also enable recording from within WL.
 Disable LPT support on NT (used to crash if you tried to use it).
 Change the color of sent serial number in Entry Window to blue. But also
 show it as gray if it has not been locked in for the log.
 In two-radio operation, if an Entry Window is set inactive for 60 seconds,
 its serial number is unlocked.
 %B processing in a message automatically adds the call to the bandmap.
 If you type a Backspace with the cursor in the left most position in the
 Entry Window, the serial number is unlocked.
 Support full two-radio operation on new sound boards that have separate mute
 switches on each input to the digitizer instead of the one-of-n multiplexer
 that older models have had.

 Beta testers you also need to get this download, there are a few changes 
 you will want also..
   73, de Ron K5DJ