Tuning Scopes

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 01:06:30 -0600

  There has been some confusion lately on our tuning scopes. Actually there
  is two scopes in Writelog/Rttyrite S/W.. The one on our web page is for 
  WinRTTY only. There is a different scope for the Hal Communications P38
  TNC.  Both scopes work very well, if you have a P38 and a sound card you 
  will have both scopes when you select either WinRTTY under AFSK or FSK or 
  the P38. 
  Sorry of the confusion. I will try to get both scopes on our web page..

    73, de Ron K5DJ
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