44 Plaques Sponsored in '98 W-W RTTY WPX Contest..

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:53:32 -0600

I am proud to announce all plaques for all categories in this years
World-Wide RTTY WPX Contest have sponsors. Including the New Multi/Two
Category..  This year we will bring back the Rookie of the year Plaque.
This particular plaque can be won by anyone on a World Wide scale. It 
is for new operators or fairly new operators to RTTY mode showing promise
as a new digital contester.  This award has only been awarded once before,
to: A92GD in 1996..  We have a total of 44 plaques up for grabs in this 
years RTTY WPX contest. Pick a category and see if you can hang a new 
plaque on the wall. I assure you these plaques are beautiful. Good luck 
to each and all in this years World-Wide RTTY WPX Contest. 

  73, de Ron K5DJ- World-Wide RTTY WPX Plaque Coordinator  
                           VIP List
                     PLAQUES and DONORS:
      World-Wide RTTY WPX Contest Plaque Sponsors, 1998
            Sponsored by: Hal Communications Corp.              
                  February 14th -15th, 1998
              Single Operator, High Power 
   World-------- TG9VT Memorial--- (by W2JGR)                 
   USA---------- W6FFC Memorial--- (by K7VS)                   
   N.A.--------- WA7EGA
   S.A.--------- SP7NMW
   Oceania------ AH6JF
   Africa------- N1RCT
   Europe------- W2UD
   Asia--------- W7RY 
   Canada------- VE6CKG
   Japan-------- W0DC

              Single Band
   World 10Mtrs- K0RC 
   World 15Mtrs- 4X6UO       
   World 20Mtrs- N2FF
   World 40Mtrs- W2UP
   World 80Mtrs- TARA-Troy Amateur Radio Association-N2TY

              Low Power, All Band
   World-------- N6GG
   USA---------- AA5AU
   N.A.-Carb.--- KP2N
   S.A.--------- W7GG
   Oceania------ K7WM
   Africa------- KK5QO  
   Europe------- G0AZT
   Asia--------- JA3DLE
   Canada------- VE6RAJ

   World-------- Hal Communications, Corp.   
   USA---------- RTTY BY WF1B
   N.A.--------- NA4M
   Oceania------ K7WUW
   S.A.--------- K6CT
   Europe------- TY1PS
   Asia--------- W2FG
   Canada------- VE6PC

              Multi-Two (New Category '98) 
   World-------- Amateur Radio Trader
   USA---------- N1JEB/N1JIT
   N.A.--------- WS7I/WV7Y
   Oceania------ KH7C
   S.A.--------- N7VGO/KC7AVS
   Europe------- I4AYP Memorial--- (by: I4MKN)
   Asia--------- W7GG
   Canada------- VE3FJB

   World-------- N2HOS
   Europe------- WA4JQS
   S.America---- WU3V
   Rookie Award- WriteLog/Rttyrite Contest S/W for Windows-(by: K5DJ)