Deleting a contact in WriteLog/Rttyrite

Wayne E. Wright
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:20:10 -0000

Yes. But it IS possible to delete a QSO using the Edit Delete. However, if 
you've done a "tool register to accept network connections" then WL
disables the delete function.  Preventing Q's from being deleted
 simplifies the networking software
and makes it possible for computers to drop out of the network and
rejoin without confusing the remaining stations.

From: 	Ron Stailey, K5DJ[]
Sent: 	Tuesday, January 27, 1998 03:59
To: 	Rttyrite/WriteLog Reflector
Subject: 	Deleting a contact in WriteLog/Rttyrite

I have been getting some mail lately asking how you delete a contact.
The answer is you don't need to delete it. Just highlight the contact
in you log and press the X key. A RED X will appear next the QSO
number in the left hand column.. When you do this the contact will count
as Zero..  At some point you could make a typo and log a call sigh in the 
heat of battle that doesn't exist. In this case the program will add the 
X for you..  Later of after the contest if you do remember the correct 
call sign.  To remove the red X just highlight the contact and press the
spacebar, correct the call and you on you way again.. :-)

  73, de Ron K5DJ
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