WFW High Com Ports

Dick, N1RCT
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 13:47:23 -0500

     I need to use COM "5" (address 100, IRQ 15 for example) for the packet
cluster using WFW 3.11 with my flex42 expansion card. 

I have added the standard ComXbase, COMxIRQ, maxcomport statements but this
does seem enough ...  Writelog Packet Terminal window gives a "Comm Port
not available" message ...  anyone know the secret?

The good news is that I have two rigs working ... both with rig control. PK
900 on one side and the SB16 on the other, using a 486/100.  The bad news
is that I only have one antenna left from the ice storm, hi ... 

     Hope to get new computer with large monitor, WIN 95, etc in the future
but stuck with this for now ..  73 de Dick

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