KAM problems

Bill Holbert Sr., W5BBR realbill@phoenix.net
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:08:42 -0500

I had similar problem with missing characters but found my problem was slow
uarts on the serial card that I was using to feed the KAM+.  Changed to a
16550 UART based serial card and because it has added buffering I no longer
lost the characters.  The older serial UARTS did not have buffering except
for one character or so and would cause some programs to loose a character
now and then.  Just a thought.  Have not had any problem with the KAM+
hanging up with XPWIN or any other programs for that matter.

Bill, W5BBR

Terry J Kealey wrote:

> Don,
> You have had better luck than I have had. The program often hangs up when
> I try to select the KAM (I may need to be in Host mode). Whenever I go to
> transmit mode, my the program locks up. I have a V6.0 KAM and believe
> that the KAM+ has a status  type message sent from the KAM.
> I also have a problem when using my KAM with XPWIN. RTTY and PACTOR
> operate okay, but I cannot copy any AMTOR transmissions.
> Terry, KI0BF
> On Thu, 16 Jul 1998 00:05:29 -0500 Don Hill <aa5au@bayouweb.com> writes:
> >I hooked up a 3rd radio with an older KAM (ver 6 I think).  I got it
> >to initialize in WriteLog (RTTYrite) version 9.09 and to receive and
> >send but it "misses" occasional characters in both transmit and
> >receive.
> >
> >When sending CQ it may come out like:
> >
> >
> >When receiving it does the same thing when I transmit into a dummy
> >load
> >from one of the other two radios on a different computer.
> >
> >Anyone else come across this problem with an older KAM?
> >
> >Thanks, 73 de Don AA5AU
> >
> >
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