WriteLogs Rate Window

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:30:38 -0500

I have had several requests to explain how the Rate Window works. I wish 
I could come up with some real neat explanation.  A while back I saw a 
posting by Ray WF1B saying something about those little numbers, that
some ops were wondering what they were. Basically WriteLog works the 
same way, except WriteLog's has it in a window you can dock or un-dock.
Wayne has had this same rate window since before I became the distributor 
and RTTY mode was added to WriteLog.. 

>Here were Rays comments of those little numbers..
>The first number controls the "fast" rate, the second controls the "slow"
>As a real-example, suppose it is showing 50/75 this shows that you are
>slowing down.  If it shows 75/50 then it shows you are speeding up. If 
>the numbers are close 66/70 then it shows you rate has been pretty stable.
  WriteLogs rate display shows exactly the same information as WF1B
  describes above. The "fast" rate Ray describes is the top left number
  in our display. The "slow" one is the bottom left number. WriteLog
  also have two more numbers displayed to the right: the number of minutes
  required to make the QSOs that were included in the rate calculation.

  WF1B also has an ini file setting to allow you to change the "last 10"
  and "last 100" to something else besides 10 and 100. WriteLogs are fixed
  at 10 and 100. It's also the way CT is.

  Hope this helps,

  73, de Ron K5DJ