Writelog dupe sheets to a file

TGuntzel TGuntzel@aol.com
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 08:08:14 EST

To print a file version of dupe sheets for a contest and also a copy of your
contest log to a file follow these steps.

1. Open the contest file
2. Click on file
3.  Click Save As
4. Go to the bottom of the drop down box where it says file type and select
"File version of print chronological"
5. Click Okay

This will place two files in the directory that was set before the you clicked
okay.  It will be /writelog/contest unless you change it.  The files will have
the same name as the open contest file and the extensions of .txt (the
complete log) and .dup (a dupe sheet by band).

Hope this helps.

Tom G.