Writelog dupe sheets to a file

Wayne E. Wright w5xd@alum.mit.edu
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 08:01:31 -0600

yes. this procedure is correct. I recognize its obscurity and it will
be more obvious in version 9 how to do this.

>To print a file version of dupe sheets for a contest and also a copy of your
>contest log to a file follow these steps.
>1. Open the contest file
>2. Click on file
>3.  Click Save As
>4. Go to the bottom of the drop down box where it says file type and select
>"File version of print chronological"
>5. Click Okay
>This will place two files in the directory that was set before the you
>okay.  It will be /writelog/contest unless you change it.  The files will
>the same name as the open contest file and the extensions of .txt (the
>complete log) and .dup (a dupe sheet by band).
>Hope this helps.
>Tom G.