Changing Field Entry Order??

Jerry Pixton
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 14:29:14 +0000

Also I find the if you space in the Call field - easy to remember to do
that because you want a dupe check - cursor moves to Seq field. From then
on you can also use TAB to move thru the fields, which is more instinctive
to me. Old habits die hard.

Jerrr, W6IHG

At 03:19 PM 11/21/98 -0000, you wrote:
>There is no reason to change the order of the fields, but it does help to
>understand what the program does for SS to "help" you out.
>Press F11 to wipe the entry window.
>	>The cursor is sitting in the callsign field.  Let's say someone calls you.
>Type their call in the callsign field.
>Now they start to give you the exchange.  If you press the space bar, the
>cursor jumps to the number field.  Enter the number.
>Press the space bar.  The cursor jumps to the Precedence field.
>Press the space bar.  The cursor goes to the call field (which is the info
>they are giving you next).  Then space to check, then space to section.
>The problem with WriteLog as it is configured from the "factory" is that
>some fields are set up to auto tab and some are not.  I highly recommend
>that you go into Exchange format set up and set all fields to have a check
>for "Tab Only. No auto tab when field is full."  This will make it so the
>space bar always moves you to the next field.  Then once you get used to the
>order you will see that it works great the way it is!
>Randy, K5ZD
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>> Subject: Changing Field Entry Order??
>> Is there a way to change the order in which fields are entered in
>> Writelog?
>> For the Sweepstakes, it would save a few keystrokes if I could enter the
>> callsign first, followed by the sequence, precedence, check and section
>> (which, unless I'm mistaken, is the order the information is handed out in
>> the phone contest).  If I try to change the exchange format by
>> initializing
>> all fields, it'll disable the multiplier handling.  So it appears that I
>> can't do much with it.
>> If it's currently not possible to change the entry order, then I would
>> submit that the ability to change the order fields are entered
>> (by dragging
>> & dropping the buttons in the QSO Entry window) would be a great
>> enhancement for the next version of WriteLog...
>> Also, I thought someone mentioned recently that WriteLog has some
>> functionality for tracking time on/off (reporting of which is required for
>> SS) - I can't find it anywhere in v9.14 - am I missing something or is it
>> non-existant?
>> 73,
>> -Marty KI0LO
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