California QSO party in-state scoring

W. Wright, W5XD
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 12:59:21 -0000

The 9.12 version of the CQP in-state scoring gives you 10x the points per 
QSO you deserve. You can either brag to your friends or get the fix:

The fix is at:

1. download the file
2. make sure WL is NOT running
3. unzip its contents into your \ham\programs folder

One other question has come up about logging rovers for CQP: The 
"rover" handling takes care of rovers inside CA, not those outside. 
That is, if you are inside California and you work a mobile in TX. And 
then he moves to LA and you work him again, WL doesn't recognize 
that kind of rover. There is a workaround. Log the QSO. WL will 
record it as a dupe. Then edit the CALL field to something slightly 
different for each QSO. Say, W5XD-1 for the first one and W5XD-2 
for the second. 

That is, if that's what the rules allow. I didn't read them carefully, 
but I don't remember anything in them about allowing for rovers 
outside CA.

WL does correctly handle roving stations within CA whether you 
are an entrant from withing CA or without.