CW Keying

Douglas R. Frie
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 23:01:14 -0400

I am still bugged by the inability to key the TS-870 in CW/RTTY. I just
have the rig connected via serial cable (Com 2). The software tha comes
with the radio works fine in keying CW via this method. I got SSB Xmsn
to work fine, have audio to/from the rig hooked up OK.
 I wonder if it's a port setup error on my part.I have com2 specified in
the ports setup, rig generates cw and cw on com2. Do i need a different
port for CW? When I go into RTTY mode with tuning indicator up, the
indicator seems to work sometimes and not others. Also if I specify Com
2 in ports, i ge port not available error. Maybe I am trying to do
something the software is not capable of doing? I really don't want to
add second LPT port it would create all kinds of havoc on my system, and
would require a switchbox setup if I try to use the existing port