"QTC's" in WAE contest

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 12:42:00 -0600

>Would someone who has done this contest be willing to share how you handle
>the QTC stuff?  I'd like to try it, but have never been in an event that
>used QTC's.  I've read the Help file, and came away even more confused.  To
>what extent does Writelog/Rttywrite automate the process?
>73 de AL7L

 Here is a WAE how to do WAE with WriteLog, I put on the reflector a year
 or two ago, about the WAE Test..
Subject: WriteLog/Rttyrite WAE QTC info..

I have been ask how to do several things about the QTC exchanges, 
thought I better say something before I have several asking the 
same questions.
(If you read nothing else read THIS): Shift F-8, F-9, F-10 & F-11 
needs to have something like what's below.  When you click QRV QSL 
in the QTC window something will be there to print.
   (This is for WAE RTTY, you can send and receive
   QTC's in RTTY mode out side your own Continent.)
  Examples: Put something like this in these "Shift" F-Keys:
  (These are the proper Shift F-Keys Keys for these msg's go in.)
  Shift F-9  %R%D I'M QRV SEND QTC'S DE K5DJ%R%E
  Shift F-10 %R%D QSL ALL QTC'S ? DE K5DJ%R%E
  Shift F-11 %R%D ARE U QRV? DE K5DJ%R%E

  When you click in either Sending or Receiving QTC's. QRV, QSL 
  or QRV?, QSL? it will print like it supposed to, (if the above 
  msg's are listed.)  Log some QTC exchanges and try it out.  If
  you try and send QTC's to a station in your own continent the
  program won't let you do it.. 

I had a problem in years past with a different S/W in WAE test,
people asking me what the time was in qtc no# 6 I sent them 
several hours ago (sometimes up to 12hrs earlier) using a different
S/W, I used at that time, I couldn't see what I have sent unless I 
printed a hard copy when I sent or received QTC's, or print them 
on a break.  

Well you can see them with WriteLog/Rttyrite.. Lets say you sent 
K5DJ 10 qtc's several hours ago, on a break I discovered I didn't 
get the time on no# 6 of group 11/10 you sent me.. I make a note 
of it and the next time I work you I ask you what was the time on 
Group 11/10 no#6 I didn't get the time??  All you have to do to 
find out is, click or type K5DJ in the call window then Press 
CTRL-G.. It will go to the first time we worked in your log, if 
that wasn't the qso you sent me qtc's press CTRL-G again, until 
you see in the logging window where you sent me qtc's. Then arrow 
over to no#6 and see the time and send it.  (After all, if I didn't 
get the right exchange you don't get credit for it either. This 
type of thing log checkers look for because there easy to spot, 
they will check the other log to see if your trying to count it, 
EVERY TIME)...  BTW, you can change the font size to a very small
font and get both the log and the QTC on screen all the time. ("IF"
you can read it that small.. hi )   

Play around with it a little, you'll love it.. 

All logged calls will be stacked automatically for QTC exchanges.  
Once you have selected WAE RTTY Contest, and have saved it, the 
call window will tell you how many QTC's you have to send.  The 
number only goes to Ten because that's all you can send to anyone 
station.  If you have WAE running you will see: (the below example 
is the call window)

  SEQ  CALL   RVC   NR   Tx-Qtc   Country   C
Tx-Qtc= the number of qtc you can send to the call in the window, 
The nu# will be seen in this window when a call is listed under 

To Send QTC's:
Press Alt-S, a window will come up, it will list how many qtc's 
you can send up to 10.  Next click QRV? to see if the receiving 
station is ready to receive qtc's (Don't worry it's blank right 
To Receive QTC's:
Press Alt-R, A blank Screen will appear and you can click on the 
first number of the time, call, QSO# to bring it to the QTC window, 
it will go to N0-1 and so on in the receive QTC window.  If you 
have a light purple color back ground just click anywhere in the 
color and all three parts of the QTC sent will go the next open 
number on your receive QTC window.  If you should need a fill, Say 
No#6 simply high light No#6 and press No#6 (Not F-6)on the 
keyboard. It will ask for a fill for Number 6 qtc sent. 

That's how you do it.

One last thing, in the WAE rules, you can't send any station that 
you have already worked his own callsign and exchange in a QTC 
group. The program will take care of this for you.. It won't 
happen. :-)
  Any other questions pse let me know I'll see what I can do to
         73, de Ron K5DJ