Troubles with PK232MBX

Fidel Leon
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 13:54:10 +0100


	I am having a lot of troubles with a newcoming PK232MBX unit.....

	I can use it totally OK with the AEA software that came with the unit,
but, if I try to use it with the best contest software ever.... errr, with
Writelog (HI), I have to serious troubles:

	-If I try to use the PK232 as a TNC, I am unable to talk to it... From
time to time, I can connect to it if, before entering WL, I "play" with the
unit from PK.EXE, but, sometimes (a few times) the Packet View "freezes"
after some keystrokes... The main trouble is I can't talk to it, even with
the PACKET LED lighted.

	-The worse is I can't use it from RTTYRITE... When I power on the unit, it
starts at Packet mode, I say to WL the unit is a PK-232, and that it's at
COM1 (where it actually is, of course!). The unit doesn't switch to Baudot,
so any memory executed is (teoretically) sent in packet mode... Not nice
for the WAE!

	Could anybody of you help me in that situation? Thanks in advance! 73,

Fidel Leon - EA3GIP