New Update 9.12

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Sat, 5 Sep 1998 09:58:26 -0500

  Update Ver-9.12 is now ready: this address will update Ver-9.09 thru
  9.11.. If you have an older version let me know..


All windows now resizeable, both when they are docked and when they are 

Wayne, finally found the problem with rigs that won't work unless 
you do a Port Setup every time you start...

Ask the mode on "start a new log" and restrict the rig modes for: 

Added Create Summary Sheet menu item for: SARTG, JARTS, and VHF

Added BARTG RTTY Sprint Contest. (The New 24hr contest in Oct.)

Updated the online help topics.

Eliminated need to copy " DE " to detect call signs on RTTY. Color code 
Mults in Yellow, Band QSO's in Green, and Dupes in RED without the "DE"...

("DE" Comments: I'm not really sure just how GREAT this feature really 
is. Seems ridiculous to eleminate the DE when all S/W's are working 
together in a contest using the DE. That is the idea for having a S/W 
isn't it!!!  Just how much time it will save you to remove several DE's 
from your bin file is not enough to waste time on. Your not going to 
notice it anyway.. Especially with a fast computer.. (This was a keeping 
up with the Jones's addition the the program, I assure you..)  Sri we 
had to put some useful things for contesting aside while working on 
nonsence like this.)  

The Telnet support is getting good reviews from many of our users.
If you haven't ever used Telnet there is step by step information on
our web page on how to connect to WU3V mega cluster. You can connect
from anywhere world wide.. Jay WS7I has also written some information 
you may fine useful as well.. To fine the Telnet info on our web page, 
go to, Click Support, Click WriteLog & Telnet,
The information from Jay begins, step by step information to connect to
telnet is at the bottom of the page.. For those of you that want to try 
this NOW.. See below for instruction on how to connect to an Internet/Packet
cluster.  I want to thank Jay WS7I for his information on making a Telnet

  73, de Ron K5DJ

    Connecting to Packet Telnet Via WU3V

    1. Have an internet connection active. 
    2. Have WriteLog running.
    3. Click Packet window under Tools
    4. Click File, 
    5. Click Telnet
    6. Type:
    7. Log In: Type: UR CALL
    8. Password: Type: UR FIRST NAME
    9. When you see all the A Thru Z letters look for DXC
       then press Enter..  You will get the mega cluster...

     When you connect for the First time:

     If this is your first time to connect to WU3V you will
     need to answer a few on line questions..