Jay Townsend
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 11:03:13 -0700

A number of questions seem to have surfaced about Telnet capability. First,
telnet is a built in part of Win95.

There is NO need to run Writelog to access telnet and to visit the Packet 
cluster system of your choice.

To create a shortcut to Win95/98 built in program is not to difficult. 

Right Click - New - Shortcut; When you see the Command Line box then type;
c:\windows\telnet.exe and hit enter. Click Next; Click Finish.

You should now have a new shortcut on your desktop that allows telnet. This
one should be easy enuf to use and you can develop several favorite places
to visit.

My WU3V site was just a starting suggestion. There are 100's of sites around
the World. The U.S. West Coast is on a seperate cluster system. One other
thing that you might look into is the software "DXTelnet" a great program.

This site will tell you about the program. It is a great program and I urge
you to give it a try. It also has a list of lots of telnet cluster sites. I
expect to have the WS7I site up and able to be accessed in the near future.
Right now I am at 1200 baud from the internet to the cluster so I can't get
users on but do link to VE7CQD one of the West Coast hubs.

73 Jay WS7I

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