Jay Townsend jay@nclife.com
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 15:57:22 -0700

I was doing some playing around with old writelog files this weekend and
recalled a conversation I had a while back with either Wayne or Ron. If you
haven't discovered the place to do a dupesheet (along with a lot of other
things) yet.  Here is the tip.

Open up your last three or four contest.wl files and do the following:

1. Click on "File"
2. Then click on "Save As"
3. Now move the scrool Bar on "Save as Type"
4. Select "File Version of dupe sheet [*.dup]

That's how you get a dupe sheet from Writelog. This is also the file that
I need in order to create a new Super Check Partial.

There are some other interesting formats in the 11 Save As formats, check
'em out.

73 Jay WS7I

Jay Townsend, WS7I < ws7i@ewarg.org >