WriteLog Update 9.12D

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 01:34:26 -0500

Here's what's new:

Fix %I handling in messages

Fix "creeping windows" problem: every time you exit and restart 
the windows were growing one pixel.

Save configuration had a selection box for starting a packet 
window on startup. That box was being ignored.

Throttle the use of SuperCheck for slow computers.

The files are at:


This update might, or might not, fix the problem that seems to have 
appeared in 9.12C where folks start up RTTY, it prints a few lines 
and then crashes. I'm guessing that their CPU is slower than mine 
and getting behind. So I added code that detects that we can't 
really run super check every time a character comes in on the RTTY 
screen. The only effect users will see is that the green/red coding 
will appear on calls later than on a fast machine. On a fast machine 
it always happens two characters after the last character in the call. 
Now it can be a second or two after that...

 Wayne W5XD

If you have any problems with WL912D let me know asap.  I will be 
leaving early Thursday afternoon.. I will be gone until after
CQ/RJWW test...
  73, de Ron K5DJ