Need a cheap PCMCIA sound card?
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 21:52:25 EST

I have an older notebook that does not have an integrated sound card nor a CD

I have long wanted to be able to use it with Writelog and now I can thanks to
the Eiger 16 bit PCMCIA sound card I got at for $9.99.

I have it up and receiving with Writelog. Haven't tried transmitting yet.  If
you are interested go to Egghead and chose internal cards from the Surplus
Direct section on the left hand side of the home page.  Look under PCMCIA
devices and it will be there unless they sell out.

I also got an external CDROM drive with a PCMCIA interface for $99.99.  It
works great as well.

GL and 73's de Tom

PS.  One more good deal.  They are selling out DSP232 for
$100.  Just a few left.