WinRtty Poor Copy?

Joseph J. Duerbusch
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 02:32:03 +0000

Hi Ron, thank you for your nice note.

Let me begin by saying that maybe the title "WinRtty Poor Copy" was a
poor choice of words.  In my note, I said that once the ZL9's signal
started to move the s-meter, then the copy was very good.   I put out
the note here on the rttywrite reflector, no crossposting, just to get
comments from others.  Before, WinRtty was superior to my PK232MBX, and
it hasn't changed.  I was just looking for input on what may have
changed, or some setting if forgot.

Ron, I did not take any of your comments as rude, I had to re-read you
note just to see what you were talking about. Hi Hi, as you know, I
REALLY like Writelog, I've done away with "CT" for cw and ssb
contesting.  I still use WF1B sometimes, everyone agrees it is a
excellent program,  but for the most part I use Writelog for everything.

Wayne sent some comments on things to look for a how to create an audio
snapshot.  I will try these over the weekend and other things.

Ron it may have been unfair to compare RITTY and WinRtty, I have not
purchased RITTY because it is a DOS program.  It works well, but will
all the stuff you can get going in windows, it is hard to go back to a
single program.

The reflector is for "meanfully" discussions. Hi HI.

Will cu at Dayton.

Joe K0BX