[WL-USERS] Telnet facility at WriteLog v.9.23G

Ir. Nuradi, Hendrarto nuradi@indosat.net.id
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 20:34:55 +0700

Dear Folks,
anybody have experience in using the Telnet feature available at 'Packet
windows of the WriteLog v.9.23G ?
I can not access the DXSpot web cluster
 http://oh2aq.kolumbus.com/dxs/dx25.html )
with the following history :
- on the 'wlogpkt32' window there is a message ' connection failed, Retry ?
' as respond
  of typing the http://oh2aq.kolumbus.com/dxs/dx25.html  inside the 'Enter
IP Name
  or address for Telnet' and click OK.
  Everything was done after I was successfully connected to my local ISP
thru phone modem.
- Under 'Packet Terminal - File' where there is a list of Com1 to Com8,Local
  and Telnet, I could not erase the tick sign on COM2 by clicking the left
mouse button
  on it. I only could change the tick sign to other COMx available on the
- when I click the Help icon available inside the 'Packet Terminal' window,
the s/w
  responds with following message : cannot find the writel32.hlp file. Do
you want to find
  the file yourself etc.... This is not the case when I click the Help icon
available on the
  WrieLog Main Window. I found that the writel32.hlp file is available under
  directory BUT do not know why the Help at the Window Packet Terminal could
  access it.
- on the ' About WriteLog Packet Terminal' I see that the Windows Packet
terminal from
  WriteLog v. 9.20.

I am not sure wether I am doing the right since I am a new user. Also I did
not see that
I have to do 'port setup' under 'setup' icon for using this feature since I
am not using
the TNC for accessing the Packet Radio.

Many thanks in advance for all the incoming reply or suggestion..
Best 73,
Nuradi yb0unc