[WL-USERS] CW Keying

Richard Thorne rthorne@tcac.net
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 21:56:00 -0500

Need some help:

I'm sure this is operator error.  I'm trying to get my lpt port to my
1000mp as I'm getting ready for IARU.

I'm able to key the rig for ssb and send my canned cq from my sound
board to the 1000mp through the phone patch connection on the back of
the rig.  The serial connection is working as writelog tracks
frequence/mode changes and keys the rig when I hit F2 while in ssb mode.

CW won't work.  And I'm sure it has to do with my setup.  I'm using LPT1
and a cable with a 1K resistor and transistor.  This is the same cable I
used when I used CT (I'm assuming the same circuit will work).

Could someone send me a quick note on what their port setup looks like.
I'm sure I need to select LPT1 but not sure if what I should pick for
the keyer type.  But even if I'm not getting a signal from LPT1
shouldn't the rig at least key via the serial connection?

Thanks in advance.

Richard Thorne - N5ZC (Ex. KA2DSY, N2BHP, WB5M)
Amarillo, TX
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