Nuradi, Hendrarto Nuradi, Hendrarto" <yb0unc@amsat.org
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 05:44:44 +0700

Dear Fellows,

appreciate very much to hear any comments re- the BPSK/QPSK mode with
WriteLog using soundcard.

I have successfully run it with AFSK ( radio set to LSB ) BUT when I changed
to BPSK / QPSK ( radio set to
USB ) the PC won't key my radio for transmitting the PSK tone.

Which parameter on the WriteLog should we changed when we go from AFSK to
BPSK / QPSK using soundcard ? Could we used the same cable set ( between
soundcard and radio ) as if we used for AFSK
as well as for BPSK / QPSK ?

Many thanks in advance for any reply / answer to my inquiry.

Nuradi, YB0UNC
e-mail : yb0unc@amsat.org