[WL-USERS] Combining Logs

dphillips@shra.org dphillips@shra.org
Fri, 26 Mar 99 9:27:26 PST

I am embarrassed to admit that I have tried some very strange kluges to get
into one file... tried writing an Access database to import to, but it's taking
 forever & I don't have much time to work on it... finally tried using the
shareware XMLog... it takes the import file OK (at least it seems to) and does
the basic tracking functions, but you are pretty limited in what you can do
with it

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From: "Michael C. Joens" <joens@thecia.net>, on 3/25/99 7:52 PM:

I would like to combine the various contest logs into one for DXCC tracking 
purposes. After several contests the information becomes a bit unwieldy to 
handle in separate logs. I looked through the help screens, but couldn't 
find any way to merge several logs into one.

I tried to export each log into the ADIF format and then importing it into 
LOG-EQF, which I use for non-contest logging. However, the resulting file 
does not track the countries correctly, which may be a problem with how the 
ADIF file is imported into LOG-EQF. At any rate, that approach did not 

If I could at least combine all the .WL files into one, that would be a 
great step forward. I'm sure it can be done, I just can't figure out how.