[WL-USERS] Combining Logs

Pat Moore pmoore@ugf.edu
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:54:07 -0700


About the time the list went down for the change-over, I posted an almost
identical query.  Private correspondence with Ron indicated it might be a
while before Wayne could do anything, and his reply to you would indicate it
could be a really long time.  So, let me suggest an alternative which is
working fine for me so far.  It turns out that there's an excellent, free
general purpose logger out there at:


This is a true windows application, and it sports extensive abilities to
import logs from other programs.  It reads ADIF files, but the author also
provides a series of basic routines which correct problems in ADIF files
since the standard (?) doesn't seem to be very stable. It can also translate
LOG-EQF's text output into a form it can import without requiring LOG-EQF's
ADIF module.

XMLog tracks the major awards, sends cw, controls radios, controls TNCs, and
implements packet spotting, all using the conventions of the Windows
environment which we have all gotten used to.  I highly recommend it and
thank its author for putting it in the public domain.

Of course, I really wish I could use WL for everything.  The downside of
XMLog for me is that it doesn't interface with RTTYrite, so I have to log
general RTTY work in WL, export an ADIF file, and then repair the mistakes
in the ADIF file so XMLog can read it before I can track WAS and WAC with my
previous QSO's.

Give it a try!

73 de AL7L