[WriteLog] Bug in Writelog CTY ??

Wil DJ7AA dj7aa-wil@t-online.de
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 20:31:06 +0100

After testing WRITELOG in the EA RTTY contest (using CQWW as Contest),
I found a (may be ) bug.
All asiatic russian stations were given zone 17, what is of course
wrong. I was using the latest wl_cty.dat from the WL homepage.
When i look in the file, it looks OK, see the different Russian dis-
tricts with their zone OK. But WL does only show 17.
So you have to change manualy. But when you worke the same STN again 
on a different band, the Zone does not come from the correctet log,
it comes again from the WL_CTY.DAT file. So even there are a lot of
different asiatic russians active, it can give some problems in CQWW,
you have to proof very carefully.
May be better to give the zone from the last QSO first and than from the
CTY file. I think CT make this, and I found it very good.

73 Wil DJ7AA

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