[WriteLog] Update 10.16B

Ron k5dj@writelog.com
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 01:38:59 -0400 (EDT)

If you haven't seen this on our web page here is the most 
recent update..  Sri I'm so late posting this on the reflector..

Super check, band map and packet spot windows all now force a 
dupe check if you use them to select a call for the Entry window.
Telnet packet upgrade to comply better with the telnet protocol 
for Linux servers.
CW Speed is set separately for L/R radios.
Rate display and graphs are now insensitive to mismatched clocks 
when running a multi-station network.
Report what is not liked about sound files when playing them back.
Unconditionally reset the sound board speaker mute button every 
message transmission for SSB transmission and sound board keyer.
Net Gab wraps text to window if it won't fit.
Rate display can be configured to show rate for last 10 QSOs/last 
100 QSOs (as before) or can be set for last 10 minutes/last 60 minutes.
Give a more explanatory error message when networking can't be established.
Upgrade download now includes all the rig driver updates since 10.11.

  73, de Ron K5DJ

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