[WriteLog] 4n33 pinouts and suggestions

Wed, 19 Apr 2000 22:09:31 EDT

Thanks to all, and thanks to jjreisert@alum.mit.edu for suggesting I share 
all responses. Here they are, edited with the technical portions as provided 
to me..
Hope it helps someone.

>From w1abr

Here is the pinout for the 4N33:

1- Anode
2- Cathode
3- No Connection
4- Emitter
5- Collector
6- Base

 This pinout is typical of most optoisolators in
 the 6- pin package...

also, check the Toshiba website
http://doc.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/seek/us/td/14hikari/140024.htm for full
data sheets.

    Keith WB6BIG
via Ron K5dj
>From AK0A
try http://www.ping.be/on4aoi/keyer shtml or http://www.qsl.net/kobx

The ON4AOI site is highly recommended, a 7 page printable circuit diagram for 
several configurations, plus a commercial interface option as well.

From:   w0eb@kscable.com (Jim Sheldon)

Additional info on typical series resistors needed;

1  anode of photo diode  (input +)(use 560 ohm resistor from DTR or RTS
2  cathode of photo diode (input -)(Computer side ground)
3  no connection
4  emitter of phototransistor (rig side ground)
5  collector of phototransistor (to PTT)
6  base of phototransistor - may be left floating for this application

From:   k7wm@i10net.com (k7wm)

Howdy. This straight from RS...1-anode, 2-cathode, 3-nc, 4-emitter,
5-collector, 6-base. Check out Joe's, K0BX, web-site at
http://www.qsl.net/kobx/cwkeying.htm. he has a lot of good stuff on the
building of these little bothersome circuits.

Couldn't get to K0BX's website late at night, perhaps pilot error, give it a 

Again Many Thanks to all, Wayne and Ron, perhaps, a slight revision to the 
manual would help future writelog users looking formore details.

Best 73's to all,


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