[WriteLog] CQ WW WPX Phone

George Skoubis gaskoub@mhtc.net
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:42:42 -0500

  I was just going to send in my log for the WPX Phone contest when I
noticed my Writelog time doesn't agree with my Omni VI time.  I had a
operating system crash around a month ago and reloaded my operating system
(Win98, thanks Bill).  I must have set the system clock to Pacific time but
just to be sure would anyone that worked KF9YR during the WPX contest send
me an email with the time?  I want to make sure it was two hours off, my
hazy recollection may be off and I could have reloaded my computer right
after the contest (I back up all my data files so my analog memory doesn't
have to be 100% accurate!).
  Thanks in advance,
George / KF9YR

P.S. Thanks for the great program Wayne, the only problems I've had with
Writelog have been system problems or operator error!

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