[WriteLog] Packet Connect Help

Irwin C. Darack IDarack@prodigy.net
Sun, 23 Apr 2000 20:02:05 -0400

I am having difficulty in connecting to Packet in Writelog version 10.16
with my Kam+. I did some more research over the weekend and here is the
situation. I cannot get to the Command mode (Cntrl+C) in the Packet View
window. The Packet View window comes up and I do receive spots, but I
also get character garbage on the screen. Cntrl+C has no effect.

I am also using Pacterm 98 with Dx4win and have no problems in
connecting to Packet. The baud setting of 9600 works fine in Pacterm and
with DX4Win. My radio connection works in Writelog. 

Is there a difference between Host Mode and Terminal Mode and whether I
have Monitor set to On or Off in WriteLog?

I would appreciate any advise here?

Thanks, Irwin KD3TB

I checked the Writelog.ini and it is set for 9600 baud.

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