[WriteLog] 2 radios

IK2RZP Gino Zambaiti angelo.zambaiti@galactica.it
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 08:53:37 -0000

Hi folks!
Having some time during this week-end, I tryed to configure WL with 2
I have a IC775DSP and a IC765. Both have a CT17 interface.
Till now I just operated WL with my 775 or with my 765 but now decided to
try them together.
My computer is an old Pentium 133 Mhz with 4 serial ports + 4 Rocketport.
I tryed a lot of times but everytime had the same result: WL reads the radio
frequency and mode only on left radio. I used only COM2 and COM3 to be sure
to avoid Rocketport 5bit problems, and changed between them the radios but
no result. I tryed single radio on each COM just to be sure that serial
ports work, and they worked perfectly when WL is in one radio operation. But
as I go on 2 radio, only one has the correct frequency and mode on display,
the other shows 3500 Khz CW.
Maybe there is a setting in Writelog.ini that I don't know.
Can you help me?
By the way, I checked WL archives from January till now but no result to my
Gino Zambaiti

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