[WriteLog] WPX Rules - Off Times

Marty Tippin martyt@pobox.com
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 14:40:22 -0600

Maybe it's a little late now, but I've been re-reading the rules for the 
WPX regarding off times for single ops. I don't know how particular the log 
checkers are going to be, but I'm not taking any chances (I got penalized 
10% last year for not indicating my on/off times. They *were* clearly 
indicated, just not in the 80 first columns the log checkers saw in their 
editor when reading my log file... )

Here's what the rules say (from section XIV):
OFF time = a period of MORE than one hour in which you do not
log a contact. Your off time begins ONE minute of
clock time AFTER your last log entry and ends as
soon as you log another contact.
To me, the above says that any OFF time indicated has to be at least 61 
minutes long, starting 1 minute after the last Q was logged. So the 
absolute minimum break period would be something like this:

00:00 log a station
00:01 off time starts
01:02 I log another station - break is over

Now, if  I had logged the second Q at 01:01, it would be in violation of 
the rules, as the off time has to be MORE than 1 hour. The point here is 
for those of you who took exactly-1-hour-long breaks to recheck your logs 
and see whether you did it right.

By the above rules, a break of less than 61 minutes is no break at all, and 
should end up increasing your operating time, possibly putting you over the 
30 hour maximum for single ops. Seems to me the rules are a little too 
specific - this is certainly a case where saying "break periods must be at 
least 60 minutes" would be close enough and would alleviate all the worries 
about whether it was actually 59 or 61 minutes long.

If I'm mis-reading this, I'd certainly appreciate a clarification....

-Marty KI0LO

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