[WriteLog] Couple of comments - Highlighting calls & Which is the best soft

dphillips@shra.org dphillips@shra.org
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 10:14:49 PST

1.  Don't forget that you can highlight any sequence in the RTTY window by
double-clicking on the first letter.  WriteLog highlights to the end of the
word and inserts it in the window.

2.  To Phil W2GE

>With all the "problems" I've been reading on the reflector can someone who is
>with both programs (WF1B vs Writelog) tell me if it's worth it to use Writelog
 for RTTY

Don't let all the grousing fool you.  WriteLog is a great product.  Most of the
 grousing is for personal preferences or operator error.  True there are
glitches and bugs, but given the complexity of the program, not many.  

I had the good forture of starting RTTY contesting with Writelog & haven't had
to unlearn shortcuts from other programs to relearn them on Writelog - that is
where most people have complaints.  They want WriteLog to work like XYZ9.3
because they are familiar with it.  I certainly understand that, because I
don't want to have to stop in the middle of hot run to figure out why the
keystroke combo doesn't do what I thought it did.  

Is it better than WF1B?  I think so, but I started with WriteLog.  Bottom line,
 its what works best for you.

Dana Phillips

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